Lamington Bake-Off

Who has the greatest Lamingtons in all the land?

What defines a Lamington? We will be asking the tough questions at this Moocooboola Festival


Will the Judges be tempted by a non-traditional shape?


Can a Lamington be Pink or White or does it have to be chocolate?


Will extras such as Jam and Cream be enough to get your lamingtons across the line?

Creative Flair

All this and more will be answered at this year's Moocooboola bake-off!!

This year we are encouraging you to bring your own HOME-MADE lamingtons (don't run out and buy some) to the Hunters Hill Council Tent and enter in this fun and friendly competition.Who will the judges choose? Who are the judges? What will they prefer? Find out at 1.00 pm on the main stage. Deliver your Lamingtons (6) packaged to the Hunters Hill Council Tent by 11.30 am for the potential to win a fantastic hamper from Locantro Fine Foods, a Moocooboola T-shirt or even Moocooboola Picnic Back pack. Please put your name and phone number on the packaging. HAPPY BAKING ...

Our silly video from last year's Bake-Off 


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